A guide to Wojtek: a user manual to working with me

Work schedule

My job requires a dynamic schedule - that means lots of meetings, calls and conferences in different timezones. Sometimes it requires going offline for 2 hours to thorougly analyse an issue.

This means that sometimes I might not be available straight away when you need me. We work together because I trust you will do a great job and own everything that you do.

If you need to make a significant judgment call, please drop me an FYI e-mail. If I’m blocking a critical part of your work, no communications are off limits - FB, late night/weekend calls etc are all acceptable means to contact me. I will not exercise those on yourself but do feel free to reach out using all means necessary if you feel it is critical.


  • Clean - paragraphs and spacing help most people to understand and go through a text quickly A LOT
  • To the point - if a sentence does not add anything to your message, don’t write it

In internal communications, speed beats fancy - I don’t expect a „Dear Wojtek” at the beginning of every e-mail. However, I do expect you to proof-read every e-mail that you send - it saves both you and me a lot of time.


„If you’re on it - you’re on it”. If I’m not available, I expect you to make a judgment call based on your best knowledge.